Master of Power yacht

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we want to provide the opportunity to acquire knowledge remotely - so that the time of forced stay at home can be used usefully.
Therefore, we have developed a mechanism that will allow you to participate in the theoretical part of our training remotely.


General requirements

Experience required prior training:                        60 days at sea as skipper or watch leader in at least 5 voyages, at least in 3 different sea areas,                                                                                      including tidal waters (at least one area), 2 passages over 100 nautical miles as skipper

Certification required prior training:                       SRC, First Aid Certificate, Sea Survival

Minimum age required:                                         18 years old

Number of training hours:                                      5 days theory / 3 days practical + 1 day exam

Who can run the training:                                      ISSA Instructor who holds MoY certificate

Who can do the examination:                               ISSA Examiner

Examination:                                                         Should include navigation at darkness

Vessel:                                                                  LOA - at least 10 m

How to submit the application:                              To

Price :                                                               

  • MOY 200 Limited Theory only – 7 Days – $1,100

  • MOY 200 Limited Practical Power only – 3 Days – $1,275

  • MOY 200 Limited (Offshore) Power – 10 Days – $2,375